August 5, 2014
by Paul Blest

Above everything else, the music press shares with local scenes and casual listeners the need to have new acts fill spaces left by inactive ones. It’s the reason every band with a brand new internet presence has a RIYL or FFO attached to their name, and why the right mix of those influences (or perception of the influences) can turn a band into something more popular than their counterparts.

From the opening riff of Hoax Hunters’ “Glitterbomb,” it’s apparent that this band will not be “giant” in the traditional sense. The band for sure wear their influences on their sleeve thorough a combination of ‘80s SST, early ’90s Dischord, and mid-’90s Merge, but it all shows through in the songwriting, unforced on the listener. What sets Hoax Hunters apart is the impression given off by Comfort & Safety is that they don’t in any way give a fuck about getting big. They just wrote ten wild ass punk songs (along with an intro to one song and an outro) that you’re either going to enjoy or not. And that’s okay. I, for one, think this is one of the most killer records I’ve heard in the past few years.

Guitarist PJ Sykes is also a world class photographer who has been featured in media such as Rolling Stone, TIME, The Washington Post, and in records put out by Dischord, Merge, and Touch and Go. That doesn’t matter. Listen to “Glitterbomb” below.