September 2, 2014
by Ryan Barnes

“You can classify someone as trans, genderqueer, whatever you want. But when it comes down to it, they’re just people.”

Coming on the heels of Against Me!’s Transgender Dysphoria Blues, Laura Jane Grace is hosting a documentary series focusing on individuals within the transgender community. Titled True Trans (a nod to the track “True Trans Soul Rebel”), the 10-part series premiering Oct. 10 via AOL promises to highlight the struggles of coming out and transitioning, as well as exploring the overall concept of what gender even means in 2014. The show will also likely give Grace a chance to reflect on her own journey since coming out to the public in 2012.

Gender issues have been an especially hot button topic this year, both within the punk rock community and elsewhere, so it’s heartening to see a positive news item for once. Grace is arguably one of the most visible trans people on the planet, and is using her prominence to shed some light on an issue most people don’t know a lot about. Between this and Laverne Cox’s Emmy nomination for Orange Is The New Black, hopefully this will keep things moving in a positive direction.

Check out the trailer here or try the embed code below.