September 8, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

Record release shows are special. They are, by their very definition, parties thrown to celebrate an accomplishment, not just a show for the sake of a show. While attending one, it’s almost impossible not to succomb to that feeling of accomplishment, even if you had nothing to do with it. It’s weird; celebrations tend to have a sort of breezy mental effect on people. Or maybe in the punk scene, considering that we’re all kind of in it together as friends or strangers, we feel as though we were an important part of something regardless if our name is in the liner notes or not. It’s hard to pin down.

Last night, Cayetana celebrated the release of their excellent debut full-length Nervous Like Me with a kitchen full of their close friends, acquaintances and fans at Golden Tea House in west Philadelphia. Between the sweaty, swaying dancing, heartened singalongs, new friends made over seemingly neverending backpack beers (plus a keg of Dogfish Head Punkin Ale—the luxury!) and the wonderful music being performed, it was as close to a perfect punk party as could be and served as a reminder that what’s been cultivated here is pretty extraordinary.

In addition to Cayetana’s top-notch performance, Chumped played a fun set despite vocal level issues that included new material from their That’s The Thing Is Like… EP and an intentionally halfway, half-assed cover of Lit’s “My Own Worst Enemy” that yielded by far, the loudest—and hopefully, ironic—singalong of the evening. Earlier, The Spirit of the Beehive’s live presence gave their atmospheric tendencies extra layers of weight, and an engulfing, pleasing low end. It served as a nice contrast to openers Albondigas’ tightly-wound, expertly executed pop-punk. Each band brought something different and exciting to the table, which, along with those aforementioned beers, helped the night jovially breeze by in a way that all shows should but rarely do.