October 21, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

Totally Slow and Black Market are a pair of mostly unknown bands from Charlotte, N.C. who, perhaps as a testament to the punk scene’s saturation of quality, are writing consistently great songs with little to no fan fare. Local label Self Aware (Late Bloomer, Museum Mouth) has teamed them up for a new split 7-inch due out Nov. 4 featuring two new songs from each band and two more digital-exclusive tracks in which the bands cover each other.

Totally Slow appear to have, at least for the time being, moved on from the vaguely folksy, anthemic nature of their 2013 self-titled full-length; their two contributions on this split feature harsher vocals, a quicker, more urgent pace and a more classic punk aesthetic. Meanwhile, Black Market have moved on to a slower, more deliberate pace than heard on their 2013 split with Red Money; where those songs spit out a riffy take on Hot Snakes-influenced post-punk, their contributions here add more of a stomp to those ideas, in addition to some much-welcome melodic weirdness, especially on the airy “Hangover Hobby Kit.” Listen to the split below.

Pre-order the split from Self Aware here and see Totally Slow play at The Fest 13 in Gainesville, Fla. next weekend—Saturday, Nov. 1 at 5:30 p.m. at Durty Nelly’s, to be precise.