December 5, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

Cohoes, N.Y., an otherwise mostly sleepy suburb north of Albany, is home to The Icehouse, which has grown into one of the most well-regarded DIY venues in the country since its inception in 2012. Bands like The World Is A Beautiful Place and I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, Signals Midwest and others have played there on recent tours. Most importantly, it’s given a neglected scene in an often forgotten about area of New York a chance to thrive and cultivate its own local bands.

One of those bands is Prince Daddy & The Hyena, whose new EP Skip Cutscenes! Blow Loud! will be released by The Icehouse Collective next Friday, December 12. The band is literally just a few months old, but their infancy doesn’t come across in their music, which arrives in the form of concise, dissonant, occasionally sludgy punk with plenty of lead guitar and distorted vocals. 

Check out a new song from the EP, “Quack Quack,” below.