December 10, 2014
by Bryne Yancey

(Full disclosure: Placeholder vocalist Brandon Gepfer is an occasional contributor to The Runout. While we like Brandon, his contributions to the site had no bearing or influence on this feature; he has not seen the contents of this feature prior to its posting or anything like that. Scout’s honor.)

Lancaster, Pa.-based Placeholder are calling it a day later this month with a final hometown show on Dec. 27 at Fulton St. Arts Co Op. In their four short years together, the band accomplished a lot: A pair of full-lengths in 2011’s Nothing is Pure and this year’s I Don’t Need Forgiveness; an EP, Thought I Would Have Been Somebody By Now, in 2012; a split with Such Gold as part of the Wax Packs series. Considering a lot of bands can’t even release one album in that amount of time, Placeholder’s discography is pretty prolific. It’s also relatively strong throughout: The band always did a good job of approaching their emotional, chugging, slightly grungy rock through a punk prism, which frankly, a lot of these other ubiquitous, under-informed, ‘90s-worshipping bands have failed to do. Placeholder, much to their credit, sound nothing like Puddle of Mudd.

“Mount Joy” will appear on a new split with Denver, Colo.’s Sleeping Weather that’s up for pre-order now from Escapist Records.