January 8, 2015
by Bryne Yancey

Michigan punks The Most Dangerous Animal have had an EP, Breakfast, in the can for a while now to be released via Save Your Generation, but rejected test presses and general turnover at the pressing plant have essentially shelved it since last summer.

The band, and SYG, are understandably frustrated about the delay, but they’re trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. Today they’re unveiling a cover of Archers of Loaf’s “Dead Red Eyes” as a one-off digital single. Here’s what TMDA had to say about it, which isn’t weird at all:

Cleveland, Ohio; over 200 miles from where rock band The Most Dangerous Animal call home. After just playing their second show ever to a nearly sold out crowd at Peabodys opening for Chiodos, this night was already on track to being one they wouldn’t soon forget. After their set, the band retreated to their van, where they would smoke copious amounts of marijuana. From there they made their way to the world famous Cleveland hot spot, Happy Dog. The drummer Brian Fox was already setting his night in motion by ordering every sauce available on the menu. While they enjoyed their post show meal, the members of the band decided that they should play inside the restaurant once they were done eating. They loved this place so much; why not give back to the good people of Happy Dog? They argued with the staff and eventually they agreed to let them play. However, due to the events that took place in the van just moments before, they promptly forgot about their request and proceeded to leave. 

The trek home is a long and trying one. Their bellies full, their spirits high, and also being quite high themselves, realized that there could only be one album to provide the perfect soundtrack for the ride home. White Trash Heroes by Archers of Loaf would fill their ears and keep their spirits soaring for the rest of the three-hour drive homeward. It was a “next level listening experience,” they would add.

After this experience, the members of the Most Dangerous Animal thought it would be quite fitting to encapsulate this memory by way of recording a tribute to Archers of Loaf. So we bring you that night and those memories to become one of your own, with The Most Dangerous Animal’s rendition of “Dead Red Eyes.”

Once you’re done trying to decipher what that means, check out the cover below.

(Full disclosure: In my past life as a publicist—which at this point, feels like a chaotic fever dream—I worked with The Most Dangerous Animal on their album, Time Heals All Wounds. I no longer have a relationship with the band and quite frankly haven’t for some time. They were given this premiere because SYG asked if we wanted to do it, and for no other reason than that. Scout’s honor.)