February 3, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

(TW: discussion of suicide)

This is a difficult, but ultimately necessary topic. Many of us gravitated toward the punk scene due to feelings of alienation, anxiety, or uncertainty. Maybe some of us were depressed; maybe it hadn’t been diagnosed. Chances are, if you’re reading this, you know someone who has suffered from depression, which, if crippling enough, can sometimes lead to suicidal thoughts. Maybe that someone is your best friend, and you want to tell them until you’re hoarse that things will be okay but are frustrated that they don’t seem to hear it. (Try not to be frustrated.) Maybe that someone is you and you just aren’t sure if things are going to be okay. I know the feeling, or at least, I think I know something like it. It’s different for everyone.

In 2012, 40,600 suicides were reported in the United States alone, and there’s no calculable data on suicide attempts. The rate of suicide for people aged 15-24—I’m guessing many of you reading this are in that age bracket or aren’t far removed from it—was 10.9% in 2012. 

Paul Blest (who occasionally writes for The Runout and for what it’s worth, doesn’t know I’m writing this) has asked some friends from the punk scene to help. To Show That You’re Still Here is a digital compilation featuring music from Beach Slang, Cayetana, Crow Bait, By Surprise and 20 others to benefit the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention. The comp is five bucks, all proceeds go to the AFSP, and you can (and should) pre-order it here.

And please, if you’re currently struggling, go here or call 1-800-273-TALK to talk to someone.