March 12, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

Although The Runout is not necessarily a regional publication, being Philadelphia-based informs much of what we do. 

Much has been made of Philly’s reputation as a world class punk town, and having been here for almost three years now, most of it is true. The scene is very big, continuously growing, and for the most part is supportive and accepting of all involved. This isn’t a My Scene Is Better Than Your Scene gloat or anything, but, from where I came in central Florida, there was a very, very small pocket of earnestness surrounded by superficial, hateful, sexist, transphobic, misogynistic bullshit. it wears on you. It makes everything more difficult, and unnecessarily so. I *very often* felt uncomfortable or unsafe at shows in Orlando or other parts of Florida—and I’m a *straight white dude*. I can’t say that’s ever been the case anywhere in Philly. Most of my uncomfortable feelings here have stemmed from my own head, and not the actions of others. For the most part, everyone is very nice and happy to be here, which is refreshing.

Point is, I’m not sure something like The Runout would even exist if I didn’t live in a place as endlessly inspiring as Philadelphia. So, as a way to give back and expand the site’s footprint here, we’re “launching” The Runout Presents. We’ll do DJ nights, benefit shows, bake sales, whatever we feel like, really. Tonight is the first event. I’ll be “DJing” punk/hardcore music at Ortlieb’s in Northern Liberties (21+, sorry—we’ll do plenty of all-ages events in the future) and I sincerely hope you can make it.

There’s a Facebook event page here if that’s your sort of thing. I hope to meet some of you tonight. Thank you.