March 18, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

Based on what I know and have read about Tulsa, Oklahoma, it appears to be one of those big cities without much of an identity, or at least, without an interesting identity to outsiders. There are “boring” big cities all over the United States; for every New York, Los Angeles or Chicago there’s a Jacksonville, Charlotte or Tulsa, places that a lot of people live, but outsiders aren’t really sure why.

One byproduct of living in a “boring” big city is the special opportunity its people have to create its own culture or fall into most of the same tired routines all of their friends in the suburbs did. Instead of acclimating to the established culture, you can just kind of do whatever you want and see if it works. It’s kind of like living somewhere with a clean slate, only bubbling under the surface there are people in the community craving this sort of cultural blossoming—they just need a little nudge to move them along. Lizard Police appear to be capable of that nudge. The songs on their new split with Mike Bell & The Movies are quick bursts of solo-heavy rock that take the exuberance of Fang Island and the benign weirdness of Melvins, distilling these traits into something that’s undeniably fun.

Listen to “Snore Oboros” below and pre-order the split from Messy Life, Songs From The Road or Major Bear Records.