March 27, 2015 | by Johnathan Coody

(Ed. note: For the foreseeable future, we’ll be posting a new solo track from Coody every Friday afternoon. He’s one of my favorite songwriters. This will be very cool. Check out all of the songs so far here.)

This one’s for the proletariat. 

The ones that clock in and have to deal with life’s trivial bullshit because an old white man with a hate boner and a pathological lack of empathy decides that’s how society needs to be structured. A few owners and a bunch of beasts of burden. No thanks. I refuse. You deserve a decent quality of life and don’t let any geriatric greed monger tell you otherwise. Survival isn’t entitlement. Entitlement is when you feel deserving of the fruits of the mass population’s efforts. The freedom to exploit you is the freedom they’re talking about. Don’t participate in a system that enslaves. By doing so we validate it. Love you guys.