April 8, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

Noticed a steep slowdown of new stuff on the site lately? So have we.

I didn’t start The Runout as a pulpit for myself and myself alone. My idea, which I’m realizing was incredibly naive, was for me to curate great writing on punk rock culture from great writers who otherwise hadn’t been given a fair shake elsewhere, whether entirely or on topics related to punk rock. I honestly didn’t think I’d be contributing more than a few times a month. 

So, uh, where is everyone?

In a perfect world, The Runout would be my full-time job. But it’s not, and it never will be. In order to keep the site up and running (and keep food on the table), I need to fulfill Patreon perks (they’re coming soon, for real, I promise, sorry), freelance for other places, and just generally hustle as much as I can. Being technically unemployed but still having dozens of projects to get off the ground in order to live is surprisingly stressful!

We’re in sore need of new voices, new writers. If you are a competent, RELIABLE writer capable of clearly communicating an idea (maybe with less alliteration than I just used), and would like to contribute to The Runout, email bryne.yancey at gmail dot com.

Don’t email me saying, “I’d love to contribute! What do you have in mind?”

If you’re going to email me an idea that I like and then disappear for three months, save it.

No rants, please.

No blog posts copied and pasted into an email, please.

No music writing about other music writing, please.

No mean-spirited, rejected Vice pitches, please.

I’m looking for YOUR ideas.

Thank you.