May 5, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

“How would you describe your band’s sound?” It’s one of those questions that, as a interviewer, you generally shouldn’t ask a band unless, say, the band is brand new and has no music out. But even then, it’s probably a bad idea. Boring questions in this scenario beget boring answers. 

On their Facebook page, Mineral Girls describe their sound as “some sort of post-internet post-emo lofi indie garbage,” and while that’s mostly just a bunch of meaningless words strung together—can anyone really quantify what’s “post-emo” or “post-internet?”—it’s also sort of oddly perfect, the “garbage” demonstrating either a streak of self-deprecation, a hint of internet-weary sardonicism, or some combination of the two. But it’s weird how language has evolved with the internet, because, listening to “Was The Worst Thing That Ever Happened To Me,” I thought, “Yeah, that descriptor is meaningless but it also weirdly makes a lot of sense.”

Brett Green and Vince D’Ambrosio were members of It Looks Sad before leaving that band to form Mineral Girls, and like a lot of indie rock bands from Charlotte and other parts of North Carolina, their sound is undoubtedly imbued with many of the same characteristics of their forebearers. There’s an inviting warmth permeating through their songs, augmented by a presumably calculated use of empty space. Intertwining lead guitars in the song’s intro fade to the background while the bass emerges in the foreground. D’Ambrosio’s dizzying percussion takes on several forms during the song, and Green’s distorted vocals serve as a nice contrast to the crispness of the rest of the band.

Mineral Girls’ Cozy Boy is out May 19 via Self Aware and Feels Alright. Song and upcoming tour dates below.

May 16- Charlotte, NC @ REVERB FEST w/ Beach Fossils (NY), Elvis Depressedly, Yardwork (reunion), Jackson Scott
May 22- Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone (album release) w/ Patois Counselors, Alright
May 30- Chapel Hill, NC @ The Cave w/ Naked Naps
May 31- Virginia @ TBA
June 1- Philadelphia @ The Pharmacy w/ Ruby Buff
June 2- NY @ The Bowery Electric w/ Cicada Radio, The Cartwheelers
June 3- New Jersey @ TBA
June 4- DC @ TBA
June 5- NC/VA @ TBA
June 17- Charlotte, NC @ Self Aware Records Residency (Snug Harbor) w/ Muscle & Bone, Alright and Sweet John Bloom (MA)