June 12, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

I’m a citizen of the world below Washington Ave. The idea for the Runout was born in spring 2014 in a Point Breeze, Philadelphia apartment; some people, mostly real estate developers, would consider it “Newbold” and not Point Breeze but it’s Point Breeze. Philadelphia is Mean Girls and Newbold is these real estate developers trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.

I’d just finished a second, two-year run as an editor at Punknews.org that at some point, I would guess in the summer of 2013, stopped being fun. I always treated my duties at Punknews like a full-time job, much to my own detriment and naïveté, because I burned myself out on it. Punknews, at least at that time, it might still be this way I’m not sure, had a fairly rigid structure. X amount of reviews and Y amount of news items were expected to be posted each day and that was that, with little deviation. The Org’s format, strong as it was and is, didn’t leave much room to innovate, even after the ubiquitousness of social media essentially rendered the site’s news format slightly obsolete. People were and are getting their tour dates and music videos and whatnot on twitter and Facebook more than any one site anymore. It felt like we were coasting a little bit, and to some degree, being left behind while more important work was being published elsewhere. I felt a little complacent and unchallenged. I was bored, which, when you’ve put so much into a thing for so many years, is not a great feeling!

But Punknews was a life-affirming experience for me—Hell, I’m the only person on earth stupid enough to have gotten the “P” logo tattooed on my body. Every time I look at that poorly drawn, faded blue “P” above my right ankle, though, it reminds me that I wouldn’t have gotten to do any of the cool, weird things I’ve gotten to do without that website. I’ve made more lifelong friends from Punknews than I’ll ever make doing anything else. I’ll be forever grateful to the site and everyone I ever worked with on it. Really, The Runout wouldn’t have happened without it.

But The Runout happened. This past year, though not without its ups and downs, has been the most creatively rewarding of my life. To be able to publish some of the smartest, most affecting writing I’ve ever read in the punk scene, and then occasionally put my own dumb writing around it, has been continually humbling and inspiring. The flexibility, the fact that we can publish personal essays along with traditional editorial music features, as well as stuff about TV shows and pro wrestling and standup comedy and comic books and it all seems to fit, is awesome. That it seems to be resonating with people continues to surprise me and inspire me to do better every day. Thanks for reading.

One year isn’t a long time for a website to be online, I recognize that it’s no huge achievement, but we’re throwing a party to celebrate anyway. If you’re local to the Philadelphia area, come to the Pharmacy tomorrow night and hang out with us. It starts at 7 p.m., is $8, and all ages. Hurry, Spill, Brackish and Steve Layman, bands full of wonderful people from the area, will be playing songs. I’d love to meet each and every one of you, so say hi to the guy at the door in a Hawaiian shirt.

Here’s a Facebook event page for the show. I hope you’ll attend. Thank you.