June 26, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

(image: Isaac Turner)

Amidst rapid tempos and impressively dizzying musicianship, well, there has to be *a song* there to bring it all together.

Who knows if the members of Plow United knew that over 20 years ago when they were merely a trio of scrappy suburban punk kids trying to play as lightning fast as they possibly could, it’s clear they know that now. The band’s post-reunion material—they’ve been surprisingly prolific in four short years—has mostly harnessed the edge and energy of their earlier work and placed a songwriter-forward, and not necessarily speed-forward, sheen on it. Such is the case with “I’m Onto You,” one of strongest two-minute power-pop gems the band have recorded to date.

Listen to it below. As part of Plow United’s continued quest to release splits with every punk band in the PA/NJ/DE tri-state area, “I’m Onto You” will be part of an upcoming split with the Scandals, out July 7 via Artistic Integrity Records. Pre-order it here.