Worn out on internet-based snark? OK, but what if it’s set to music this time?

Charlotte, NC’s Dollar Signs don’t take themselves too seriously, and as such, you shouldn’t take them too seriously either. But while the songs on their new LP Yikes, out July 21 via Death To False Hope, have that sort of punk-millennials-growing-up-on-the-internet lyrical quality to them (fuck, that makes them sound far more exhausting than they actually are), there’s an air of self-aware levity throughout the proceedings that seems to say, “Yeah, we’re acting mad but we know this is dumb bullshit that doesn’t actually matter.” “Reinventing Dollar Signs” features Jeff Rosenstock and John DeDomenici, formerly of┬áBomb The Music Industry! and currently performing together as part of the project under Rosenstock’s own name. Like some of BTMI!’s past work, “Reinventing Dollar Signs” is loud and quick while maintaining a keen sense of melody. Check out the song below, and be sure to post snarky comments about it down there, too.