July 20, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

Things for Museum Mouth have gotten pretty exciting in the last year or so.

The North Carolina trio’s 2014 LP Alex I Am Nothing, a concept album that explored unrequited love in often starkly personal ways in front of a catchy lo-fi punk backdrop, was the band’s crowning achievement up to this point and made them quite a few new fans, including Say Anything’s Max Bemis, who signed MM to his Rory Records (an imprint of mega-indie Equal Vision) last month. Upon the signing’s announcement, Bemis eloquently articulated just exactly why Museum Mouth’s music resonates with him, calling them a “game-changing band for me as a fan of punk and indie rock,” and continuing, “The mixture of ‘actually mature’ humor and self-deprecation with cathartic, forward thinking energy and sonic choices, makes them a great band to represent a generation of smart kids with complex feelings that need to be addressed, but don’t want to be bored to tears in doing so. Karl [Kuehn, vocalist/drummer] as a songwriter and frontman is as unique as any I’ve come across and listening to this band makes me want to just dance my heart out. Add this to the fact that Karl is among a very rare breed of punk rock frontmen to unapologetically defy the sexual stereotype of the sullen, whiny heterosexual male, and I think it’s easy to see why I had to sign this band and recommend them to any listener who craves music that’s authentic, immediate and brilliant.” It seems apparent to some degree that the mercurial Bemis sees a little bit of himself in Kuehn.

Before their first Rory Records release, which is yet to be announced, Museum Mouth are dropping a super-limited—like, 30 copies super limited—square lathe cut 7″ picture disc called Most Likely To Be Conflicted on Friday via Pocket Cat Records. “Melvin” is the b-side, a track that dates back to 2009 but keeps the current characteristics that make MM great intact. It’ll be available here on Friday and on the band’s Bandcamp page for free download. Bookmark that store link, because the way it’s going, Museum Mouth’s upward momentum could turn those things into eBay gold.

Listen to “Melvin” below.