July 24, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

On Plays The Millennial Blues, Podacter touch on an angst hyper-specific to this generation.

Let’s face it: We’re always distracted. Social media, once a time-waster and nothing more (remember before smartphones when you went home and went on Myspace because there was literally nothing else to do?), now informs almost everything we do and say, how we act around our friends, our parents, and our peers. We Instagram expertly-filtered photos of our brunch and tweet links to essays we find problematic without actually doing anything constructive about those essays and Snapchat while driving (please do not Snapchat while driving). Our entire personal lives are self-curated online to some degree, and many uncomfortably so. I’m not a doctor, but I would surmise that millennials are far more likely to develop longterm neck and shoulder problems than previous generations simply because of how goddamn much we’re looking down at screens and how little we’re looking up, at the person sitting directly across from us at the dinner table or next to us at the bar. We’ve forgotten how to talk to each other.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve always dealt with extreme anxiety,” Podacter vocalist Billy Bollinger starts. “I constantly muse over the deep black nothing that awaits us on the other side of death and at times, feel as if there’s 10,000 pounds of pressure weighing down on my chest.”

“I self-medicate to deal with my own inadequacies and instabilities while sitting safely behind the saccharine glow of my iPhone screen,” he continues. “I watch comfortably from my modest, suburban home as another unarmed black male is gunned down in cold blood in the streets. I plug up my ears with headphones to drown out the echoes of homophobic slurs and screeching cat calls. I recognize that my problems are small in comparison. I have the Millennial Blues, and thus, this record was birthed: a perpetual left-swipe to the bullshit that plagues our brains, a call for open discussions about mental health, and a rally cry to acknowledge our own senses of entitlement and privilege to be supportive of those not afforded the same luxury.”

Listen to “I Still Get So Goddamn Low” below, and pre-order Plays The Millennial Blues from Secret Audio Club before it’s released August 14 either digitally or physically.