September 25, 2015 | by Bryne Yancey

Where’s the fun?

It’s a question I often find myself asking when I listen to rock music, especially new-to-me rock music. Perhaps you’ve noticed an uptick in deadly serious rock ‘n roll in recent years; pretty much the entire post-hardcore/”emotional rock” scene is full of bands made of white dudes from the suburbs who have Serious Feelings and Emotional Angst, the same sort of feelings a lot of unsure-about-themselves teens have. They heavily identify with this music because it speaks to very specific situations they’re enduring and the emotions that arise from those situations.

It’s fine, but goddammit, I’m turning 31 at the end of this year and brooding teen angst just isn’t a part of my life anymore. Not that I’m not a sensitive baby about some things, I most certainly am, but adulthood is daunting enough without also like, having to constantly wonder why a relationship didn’t work out or why someone doesn’t like me the way I like them. This ride’s gonna keep moving whether I stay on or get off, you know?

Rock Hill, SC’s Motel Glory play well, punk music for adults. It’s got emotional twinges to it, sure, and there are those occasional pangs of sadness palpable in their songs, but they’re fleeting, much like they often are in adulthood. For the most part, Motel Glory get in, play fast and jangly and twangy—sort of how the Dead Milkmen might if they’d been Southern boys—and get the hell out. It’s like they know, like I do, that they likely have more years behind them than they do ahead of them. We might as well try to enjoy ourselves and dance and have some fun, no matter how ultimately ephemeral it might be.

“Floor Plan,” Motel Glory vocalist/guitarist Greg Ellis tells me, is “a tribute song for every poorly-planned dumbass band excursion that ended up being awesome. I’ve had a few of those. Weird weekends are the best. The floor’s alright.” A well-traveled road to be sure, but a fun one just about every time nonetheless. Listen to it below and pre-order the band’s new album, Vagrant Hour, here ahead of its Oct. 9 release. Their upcoming shows are below as well.

10/9 @ Courtroom (ALBUM RELEASE PARTY) w/ Luciferian Agenda, Chase and the Homewreckers (Rock Hill, SC)
10/13 @ Snug Harbor w/ Gringo Starr, Luciferian Agenda (Charlotte, NC)