February 9, 2016 | by Bryne Yancey

For the past two years I’ve been hosting a weekly show on Y-Not Radio called Noise Complaint. I feel like few, if any, of The Runout’s readers are aware of this.

The show has cycled through a number of different hosts in its short life, many of them with disparate tastes; my predecessor, Mr. Danks, spun at least one acoustic track and one cover on every show. He also very likely played more ska than I ever will. It’s cool how the show has evolved, and it’s extremely fun to put together every week, even if I’m never sure if anyone is really listening.

I have great memories of pretending to be a radio DJ, alone, in my bedroom, as a younger and mostly friendless man. I would play songs on my bookshelf boombox, try to sequence them as perfectly as I could through either my 5-CD changer or my dual cassette decks, and then speak, poorly, about the music to, well, myself and I guess my bedroom wall. I was convinced I’d be spinning records as a career someday, that is, until I got a little older and realized that the pay to do so is insultingly low and that in fact you can’t just play whatever you want. Two things I care about more than anything in this world are money and creative control. Up the punx!

It’s funny, because doing Noise Complaint now is really not that different from what I was doing as a kid, other than it being recorded (thank fucking goodness I had the lack of wherewithal at the time to record any of this) than the obvious advances in technology, everything being digital. I sit in my bedroom, alone, stare at the wall, and poorly speak to myself about music that excites me. I get to play whatever I want. It keeps me on my toes with regards to music discovery, too; I spend a good amount of time every week browsing Bandcamp for new bands to feature. I try to play as many local bands as I can, too. It’s fun! You should listen to it.

Going forward I’ll be posting some notes from the show, along with an on-demand stream of the week’s show, here every Tuesday. This week’s show features new music from Sheer Mag, Katie Ellen, Two Inch Astronaut, Ty Segall, Chupa Cabra, La Bella and a lot more. You can also check out Noise Complaint every Monday at 10 p.m. ET and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET at Y-Not Radio or via the iHeartRadio Philly app.