February 17, 2016 | by Bryne Yancey

Despite their relative newness as a band, there’s a certain timelessness to Mimisiku’s music.

That’s not always the case for newer bands residing somewhere vaguely within the scope of emo. One cursory browse of Bandcamp reveals, well, a lot of youth and greenness in the genre. It’s earnest, but largely unlistenable, and regularly free of influence outside of a very specific, and very recent, sphere.

The Denton, TX-based group began in 2014 with a more power-based, hell, perhaps a more punk-rooted, approach to emo. One might scoff and presume that that’s more a limiting approach, but one listen to The Thrill Of Living confirms otherwise. Mimisiku are occasionally just as flashy as their counterparts, particularly in the rhythm section but everywhere, really, but no noodly guitar riff or pitter-patter drum fill lingers past the point of staleness. Instead, the band ground their sound in well-formed melodies largely formed by warmly pleasant, yet crunchy guitar tones and raw vocals. There’s notes of Texas Is The Reason, The Promise Ring and even a little bit of (very) early Alkaline Trio here. Listen to it below and judge for yourself.

The Thrill Of Living is out Friday via Count Your Lucky Stars. Pre-order it here.