March 2, 2016 | by Bryne Yancey

My satisfaction with Noise Complaint varies from week to week. 

I always enjoy the process—seeking out new music, rediscovering older music, sprinkling in a few well-established “hits” and then attempting to sequence all of them in an order that makes sense and flows smoothly—but some weeks the actual recording can be somewhat arduous. Not arduous in a real way like any real job would be, of course, but occasionally having to record and re-record segments a handful of times over because I badly flubbed a word, lost my train of thought, just forgot to hit record, or am talking too fast really makes me feel like an inadequate radio host. (I always fear I’m talking too fast, not just while recording this show, but in every day of my life.) Some weeks, particularly in winter, I’m so congested that it’s all I can do to get through it without having to blow my nose or cough up something. Gross, right?

Anyway, for some miraculous and unknown reason, this week’s show come together more seamlessly than any I can recall in recent memory. The breaks I think are quick and informative, and the segues aren’t too contrived. My speech is, for the most part, at an acceptable speed and level. Much more importantly, however, there’s just a lot of great new music all over it. I’m really looking forward to hearing how White Lung have evolved on their new LP Paradise—“Hungry” is a real curveball and appears to actively subvert fan expectations which I love. ROMP’s new LP Departure From Venus is one of the stronger debuts I’ve heard this year so far, reliably catchy and full of energy and hooks. I continue to marvel at the guitar tones on Ty Segall’s new record Emotional Mugger and how worn-in it all sounds.

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