Communication drives everything in a healthy, loving relationship. Love is also what makes the inevitable breakdown in communication so painful.

Because if there’s one person in the world who should be able to tell you anything and everything, it’s your partner, and vice versa, right? Anxiety doesn’t adhere to those standards. It takes a perfectly functioning brain and fills it with doubts and fears that no voice, no matter how caring, can relieve. Anxiety is pummeling and exhausting and difficult to explain to someone who doesn’t suffer from it.

Greys’ new song “Blown Out” is a striking portrayal of an all-too-common, yet seemingly rarely discussed relationship dynamic, that of an anxious person having trouble communicating and a confused, angry partner who simply can’t understand why we can’t just snap out of it. (We would if we could, trust us.) The song’s wall of feedback is eerily reminiscent of what a bout of anxiety can actually feel, and even sound like inside one’s head, and the lyrics are eminently relatable.

Greys’ new LP Outer Heaven is due out 4/22 via Carpark/Buzz.