In nearly two years The Runout has launched and re-launched and re-relaunched far more times than I care to admit. The reasons are myriad, some personal, others professional. I would not blame you for drawing the conclusion that still, nothing’s going to change around here, that this time won’t actually be different. My vision for an alternative space for thoughts and ideas on punk subculture devolved into a personal music blog so quickly I hardly noticed. That’s boring for both of us. You deserve better work, and I want to do better work. So here we are again.

Welcome to the very new version of The Runout. Take a look around. Here’s what you can expect going forward.

—More frequent news updates, and different voices. We’ve assembled a team of over a dozen writers, editors and thinkers of different stripes and backgrounds. Some of them you might know, others you’ve yet to meet. Together, we’ll be keeping the site fresh with new updates, dependent on volume and newsworthiness. Yes, we’ll be posting “music news” in the loosest sense, in that, if it makes contextual sense to be on The Runout, it will probably be here. That means things within punk’s orbit that aren’t always necessarily about the nuts and bolts of the music (but it will be sometimes—I love riffs). We will probably not post your band’s new song or lyric video or whatever; however, please feel free to send tips here.

—Exclusives. If there’s a band we think our readers should know about, or a new book or zine that’s keeping our attention, we’re going to try hard to wrangle exclusives with creators to talk about their process, their state of mind and of course, their art. No cookie-cutter questions, no blanket premieres with no editorial, none of that. Again, feel free to pitch us but don’t take it personally if we say no. Read the site first and ask yourself, “Would this make sense?” instead of “I already asked every music blog to premiere my band’s song and they all said no, so here I am.” Trust me, we’ll be able to tell. Look for interviews, premieres and more within this space.

—Reporting. Longform web journalism. Does anyone even read it? We’ll find out. Look for one, maybe two of these stories per month.

—More essays. Our ongoing series of essays about punk culture and personal experiences are what bring most of you to The Runout. They will continue. Look for one essay per week.

—More reviews. Our traditional music writing is better than most sites, too, so we’ll be posting one review per week of something we think our readers should check out.

That’s just one part of the new Runout. The other part is big, and even more important. Every month, we’ll be using a subscription-based model to raise money, not just for the site’s hosting/upkeep and to pay writers, but for a charity of our choice. Click here to subscribe. Subscriptions will cost $1 a month, or $10 a year, and will get readers the following:

—Access to an all-new, exclusive newsletter including a podcast featuring commentary, interviews, new music and more. These will be sent out monthly, with the first installment arriving in inboxes at the end of April.

—Exclusive downloads and other content from partner bands and labels (Hey, bands and labels, you want in on this? Email me.)

—A physical zine we’re working on that’s about mental health and anxiety in the punk scene, which will be out later this year.

—Other TBD stuff that we’ll figure out as we go along.

The site itself will remain free! Paywalls aren’t punk. There’s no obligation to subscribe, but we’ll make it worth your one measly dollar a month to do so. Readers may also make one-time donations, which will go into the same pool, by clicking here.

April’s charity is The True Colors Fund, which works to fight homelessness among LGBT youth. It is a great organization. Plus it was founded by Cyndi Lauper, and I think she rules.

In the interest of transparency, at the end of each month, we will post a breakdown of how much money we raised, and where it went. So, just to be clear, $1 a month supports the hard work of our team, gets you a bunch of extra stuff, and helps out a great charity.

Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy the new site.