If there’s one benefit to naming your band some variation of a dirty word, well, it’s that it’ll certainly stand out on any flyer or Facebook event page. Kudos to S.H.I.T. for taking advantage of this ever-important marketing technique when there are perhaps more bands competing for attention than ever.

A name like S.H.I.T. comes with an almost built-in aesthetic, too; people see that name on a flyer, and can likely come pretty close to guessing what the band is like without ever hearing a second of their music.

S.H.I.T.’s new EP i is abrasive, cloudy and refreshingly curt—it’s almost like they know that such nihilism only really hits hard in quick bursts. Three songs, six and a half minutes, no meandering, no wasted movement. But don’t mistake brevity or dark energy for hastiness: S.H.I.T. pack a surprising amount of nuance into these songs, like the vague screams that poke, but don’t penetrate the surface of the otherwise instrumental “Insidiation.” Instead, they provide a ghoulish counterpart to the song’s hard-charging crossover riffs. “Incorporation” shifts gears quickly and seamless between a Discharge-like drive and a more gothic post-punk stomp—and note those haunting laughs that pop up between verses and add a pinch of unhinged, undeniable personality. “Information” is lightning-quick and chaotic, and never slows down despite its relatively long three-minute running time. The vocals, caked in distortion, are essentially indecipherable, a well-troughed artistic choice, but one perfect for the band’s surrounding aesthetic.