More PAWS is always a good thing. Formed in Glasgow, Scotland in 2010, they’ve made a name for themselves in the indie punk scene, getting signed to FatCat Records in 2012.

They’ve got two albums under their belt, Cokefloat and Youth Culture Forever, both of which masterfully blend sugary-sweet melodies wrapped up in scuzzy guitars and vocals. The future looks even brighter, too: their third full-length arriving later this year titled No Grace is being produced by the man himself, Mark Hoppus of blink-182. The band recently released the title track, and now a second single called “Gone So Long” has arrived.

“Gone So Long” is a quickie, clocking in just over two minutes, but that’s all PAWS has ever needed to write a good tune. Hoppus’ influence is apparent (especially in that punching, driving bass tone) with the track being a touch brighter and cleaner sounding than previous works. Still, it’s unmistakably catchy with just enough fuzz and crashing cymbals to fall under PAWS’ modus operandi. Lead singer/guitarist Phillip Taylor belts the youthful lyrics “Do you count down the hours/ Like I count my wilted flowers” on the chorus before launching into a distorted solo, making “Gone So Long” a smooth blend of indie and punk influence.

If the first two singles on No Grace are any indication, PAWS has another winner on their hands. Their track record for songwriting mixed with Mark Hoppus’ guidance could make this their best effort yet. Listen to “Gone So Long” below via Noisey, and look for No Grace on June 17 from FatCat Records.