Softening the blow of stark political or dark personal messaging by wrapping it in a sun-kissed pop song is nothing new, but Martha may have just perfected the formula with “Goldman’s Detective Agency.”

The band, who the press are quick to quip hail from the tiny UK village of Pity Me, are coming off a pair of quality splits with Radiator Hospital and Benny The Jet Rodriguez, peers residing either in the center of or adjacent to the sub-subgenre of extremely bright and incredibly sad punk-tinged pop songs. In Martha’s case, “Goldman’s Detective Agency” takes a strong anti-authority stance, calling out crooked politicians and corrupt police through soaring vocal harmonies, then encircling those lyrics and harmonies with immensely fun guitar leads—one could even make an argument that there’s a little bit of Thin Lizzy swagger buried in that middle part. Listen for it below.

Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart is out 7/8 on Dirtnap in the US and Fortuna Pop in the UK. (h/t to DIY Magazine.)